Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback into feelings

Thoughtful Anime

Slumped in my chair, a mix of joy and fears
I lie in stupor after a one volatile high.
For an instant I felt like I haven't in years
without any reason and with no one in sight.

I am not charmed, not even in love,
yet for a second I felt no bitter bother.
It was not about lust, but feeling high above
like when you spend time with a significant other.

In my so short ecstasy of pristine feelings
I traveled to my past, saw myself as I used to be
I felt the rush of energy, a slight sliver of healing
and the sight of a mind's eye that could no longer see.

Now I am here again, hungover like before,
trying to retrace my steps to that moment in time.
Curious like a child who found a place to explore,
but tired as an adult who had just committed a crime.

I have no idea if this miracle will ever return.
I just know that it felt sweet while it was in sight.
A piece of my past self that proudly dared to burn
and warm my passage through this endless night.

This is for all of you who had been living lives that are a little distant from romance and relationships (mostly because of the things you been through and trust issues), but for a split second you feel just like you used to feel back when you trusted easily and were full of illusion for no apparent reason. 

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