Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chasm of a thought

crow painting

Coffee mug beside a torrent of electric shocks,
ideas of what was and what could not be.
What succeeded and passed or failed an stood stuck,
thoughts about everything that eyes no longer see.

An idea of you, a sense of everybody a maze of wills,
the events that made the mess that today writes these rhymes.
A self afflicted martyr, the emperor in a palace of chills
where dreams lie in their stone cold confines.

Ideas gently floating in the vacuum of obsessions
through the blue noble blood of sins that like demons of the past
allow me to make the simplest of  pyrrhic concessions,
which is that even while smiling, everything fades fast.

This is like a slow mellow guitar chord
accompanied by nicotine and a whisky glass
it is the storm that we never saw coming
and now have to endure as it comes to pass.

Am I insane for paying tribute to the unchangeable?
For  tragically clawing the linen like the buried alive?
For turning the unusual into the assailable?
Am I insane for letting my feelings drive?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Loneliness is glass

blurred glass

Loneliness is glass, reflection of a happy past,
of things you had, now things you lack.
a surface to press you cheek unto, just to ask
where is your life, where is that old spark?

Loneliness is glass, a clear thing that deceives
because fog is all that you really know
ever after the stabbing you received
when time as a dagger sank itself low.

Loneliness is glass, the shattered type
the witness of how you bleed out in grace
and the puddle you make on the floor gets ripe
as you twitch and contort your face.

Loneliness is to remember while you forget,
it is to frown while you pathetically smile.
It is the sad soft and cold wind of when the sun sets
and the night makes it all turn vile.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walking through the corpses (prose)

to the past

People minds seem to expire, but I refuse to accept it. Personalities are acquired, new interests vary and what used to be a sincere smile can turn into a clear expression that is not longer in my favor, that is no longer mine. Have you ever felt like a soldier walking through the corpses of his own allies? Have you smelled the stench left by the why's and when's of years gone by? Its like a storm on your head that should enlighten you, but shocks instead, while people shout that you should conform with the times, even when you don't want to and it breaks your tired mind.

For that I declare this verse, an eulogy for the fallen, a simple prayer to the lost and the stolen. I also plead for the sleeping to wake up again, to break their chains and free their brains from the petty expectations of a society that is insane. For those who think that it's over I present to you the truth, be yourself for yourself or be torn apart from youth.

To reminisce is not to get stuck, it is only a ritual to see if you have luck and you regain what was lost just to heal the pain or lose the bet and find yourself deep in ail again. Because the future has not happened yet the present dies so fast that what's left of your sanity only lies in your past. There may be new things ahead, but desire is law so what you want is what you live for, even if your fight is all for naught.

By AlucardX

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A sad muse even when in joy

It may sound illogical, maybe a little insane
but sometimes darkness comes even when there is no pain,
and this is not praising tragedy, but sculpting in clay
the melancholy and nostalgia of moments astray.

This is nothing to cry for, yet worth to remember
with moments that stung like your hands on an ember
or touching a wound and feeling the sensation,
a tingle on your mind, a poet's big fixation.

This is more a description than a petty complaint.
This is more an addiction than self pity, which is quaint
because the polarity of our thoughts is ever changing
sometimes we hurt while in others we are mending.

It is all about turning sad thoughts into art
a small amount of time that sets your soul apart
from the harsh reality where people pretend to thrive
while they just break to pieces in their lonely steep dive.

A verse or two can take away the silence
be a balm for hatred or an anesthetic for violence
so don't be ashamed to summon back your spirits
take the pen, write with pride and burn away those minutes.

By AlucardX

This is one for all of those who feel weird writing about sad stuff even when everything is ok.

Hideous seconds


Here I am, a creature trapped in this labyrinth of bitter palls,
in darkness and hopelessness as you don't care at all.
This is the creature you alone have created
pitied, thrown away and sometimes hated.

Is it this dungeon the deepest part of your being?
the walls smell of your skin and lost souls mimic your voice
just to remind me that I am trapped in the past
shaming me and making all of it to last.

The air feels damp with old broken promises
as I walk through hallways full of dust
with their particles whispering the untold story
of our moments of leisure and times of lust.

The walls are full of windows that have nothing to show
because this only lives in me, my sorrow and woes.
You decided to act as if I never existed,
in your never ending chasm of selfishness and distance.

Then I wake up, and I once again regain my strength,
but for those hideous seconds in all of their short length
I missed you while I shouldn't, I craved for you in vain
in another of those nights where my mind got lost again.

By AlucardX

This is one about those embarrassing moments when you catch yourself thinking about a lost love.