Thursday, February 12, 2015

A sad muse even when in joy

It may sound illogical, maybe a little insane
but sometimes darkness comes even when there is no pain,
and this is not praising tragedy, but sculpting in clay
the melancholy and nostalgia of moments astray.

This is nothing to cry for, yet worth to remember
with moments that stung like your hands on an ember
or touching a wound and feeling the sensation,
a tingle on your mind, a poet's big fixation.

This is more a description than a petty complaint.
This is more an addiction than self pity, which is quaint
because the polarity of our thoughts is ever changing
sometimes we hurt while in others we are mending.

It is all about turning sad thoughts into art
a small amount of time that sets your soul apart
from the harsh reality where people pretend to thrive
while they just break to pieces in their lonely steep dive.

A verse or two can take away the silence
be a balm for hatred or an anesthetic for violence
so don't be ashamed to summon back your spirits
take the pen, write with pride and burn away those minutes.

By AlucardX

This is one for all of those who feel weird writing about sad stuff even when everything is ok.

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