Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hideous seconds


Here I am, a creature trapped in this labyrinth of bitter palls,
in darkness and hopelessness as you don't care at all.
This is the creature you alone have created
pitied, thrown away and sometimes hated.

Is it this dungeon the deepest part of your being?
the walls smell of your skin and lost souls mimic your voice
just to remind me that I am trapped in the past
shaming me and making all of it to last.

The air feels damp with old broken promises
as I walk through hallways full of dust
with their particles whispering the untold story
of our moments of leisure and times of lust.

The walls are full of windows that have nothing to show
because this only lives in me, my sorrow and woes.
You decided to act as if I never existed,
in your never ending chasm of selfishness and distance.

Then I wake up, and I once again regain my strength,
but for those hideous seconds in all of their short length
I missed you while I shouldn't, I craved for you in vain
in another of those nights where my mind got lost again.

By AlucardX

This is one about those embarrassing moments when you catch yourself thinking about a lost love.

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