Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walking through the corpses (prose)

to the past

People minds seem to expire, but I refuse to accept it. Personalities are acquired, new interests vary and what used to be a sincere smile can turn into a clear expression that is not longer in my favor, that is no longer mine. Have you ever felt like a soldier walking through the corpses of his own allies? Have you smelled the stench left by the why's and when's of years gone by? Its like a storm on your head that should enlighten you, but shocks instead, while people shout that you should conform with the times, even when you don't want to and it breaks your tired mind.

For that I declare this verse, an eulogy for the fallen, a simple prayer to the lost and the stolen. I also plead for the sleeping to wake up again, to break their chains and free their brains from the petty expectations of a society that is insane. For those who think that it's over I present to you the truth, be yourself for yourself or be torn apart from youth.

To reminisce is not to get stuck, it is only a ritual to see if you have luck and you regain what was lost just to heal the pain or lose the bet and find yourself deep in ail again. Because the future has not happened yet the present dies so fast that what's left of your sanity only lies in your past. There may be new things ahead, but desire is law so what you want is what you live for, even if your fight is all for naught.

By AlucardX

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